Ad-Dict: Gucci S/S 2009

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Ad Dict: Gucci S/S 2009Ad Dict: Gucci S/S 2009

I’m still debating on how I feel about the Gucci spring 09 campaign. I really like the theme and contrast of bright colors in the mostly green jungle. But the models’ faces and bodies look skewed to me. And their makeup and facial expressions are pretty transvestite-like. But the clothing and accessories look fabulous! Loving the photo with the shoe among the large, green leaves. It’s strange, but these ads would sell me the merchandise, even though the models look a lot like Gumby.


Thanks to Fashion Copious for the photos.

Article by Amanda Gabriele, Contributor

Amanda realized at a young age she could turn her love for materialistic bullshit into a lucrative career. She gets the best of two worlds working in both fashion merchandising and journalism. Amanda's obsessions include Johnnie Walker Black Label, jamming to Lil Wayne at obnoxious noise levels and working on her memoir "Sex, Drugs and Burning Chairs: The Kent State Experience." She possesses more knowledge about underwear than you could ever accumulate in your entire life. Midwestern born, bred and corrupted, Amanda currently resides in Brooklyn with the ///Slant///. Amanda Gabriele, Contributor tagged this post with: , Read 369 articles by Amanda Gabriele, Contributor
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