ADDICT: David and Victoria Beckham in 35 Years?

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ADDICT: David and Victoria Beckham in 35 Years?ADDICT: David and Victoria Beckham in 35 Years?

It’s kind of weird and creepy how these two sort of resemble David and Victoria Beckham. I wonder what they really will look like? Let’s put this one in a time capsule and find out.

Seventy-year-old British magician Paul Daniels has fought back with humor at tabloids who attempted to embarrass his wife Debbie by publishing unflattering photos of them on a beach vacation. He and his wife have posed in Closer magazine in a mock parody of a recent Emporio Armani underwear ad by Britain’s most famous tabloid target, Victoria and David Beckham.

Via Towleroad

Article by Amanda Gabriele

I absolutely adore fashion. Everything from Chanel couture to the marijuana ring I bought yesterday for $20. I love to write. I like to cook and eat, and you're probably going to hear about what I had for lunch today. I have a nice camera I enjoy using when there's something interesting to document. I live in Williamsburg, which is great until you see grown men wearing too-tight basketball jerseys. Amanda Gabriele tagged this post with: , , Read 565 articles by Amanda Gabriele
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