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Victoria’s Secret is revving up for their big holiday show, and one of their major new products that they are pushing (no pun intended) is their new “Miraculous Push-up”. Clearly I’m not too concerned about the push-up bra , but there is something more that I have been noticing about the brand. Victoria’s Secret has recently become pretty notorious for taking up and coming artists to the next level. Last year it was The Ting Tings, whose song was a huge hit during the runway show. This year it seems that they chose Make The Girl Dance, as their song “Baby Baby Baby” is the one that you’ll find seared into your brain after watching the commercial. I guess we’ll have to wait until the show to see what happens.

And if you can’t remeber who Make The Girl Dance is, maybe you want to watch their music video for “Baby Baby Baby”, it’s hard to forget.

Make the Girl Dance – Baby from Friends by Far on Vimeo.