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FAds (Fast Ads) are the quickest way to get your brand in front of thousands of Fashion Indie’s daily readers. Whether you are looking to promote a sale or event, want to sell some goodies from your online store, or just need to get your latest collection in front of an audience of influencers, FAds give you the instant satisfaction you crave.

FAds include some quick snips of information about your brand or event and a link to a website of your choice for our readers to discover  more about your company.


HOW MUCH DO FAds COST FAds are made to be quick little cost effective ad campaigns for your brand. Single FAds can be yours for $29, packs of 5 (or about a weeks worth) will set you back $99, and 30 FAds (a month of FAds) cost only $499.



HOW TO PURCHASE FAds Just give us a little info about your company, upload your image, and select the date you want your FAd(s) to show up. It will appear on FashionIndie.com throughout the day, week or month (depending on how many you purchase). At the end of your run we will give you some fun little details like how many people visited FashionIndie.com during the time of your FAd ruled and any comments our readers might have about your company.


SIZES AND EXAMPLES The best size for your FAd is 265 by 300 pixels. Anything larger and we can quickly crop it down, anything smaller and your FAd will appear blurry. Below is the ideal FAd size and some examples of former FAds.

Fashion, adsuggest FAds (Fast Ads)



Fashion, oak alexanderwang FAds (Fast Ads)Fashion, stella FAds (Fast Ads)

Oak NYC and Stella McCartney FAds

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