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by on April 27, 2012

Since its 1988 New York inception, Women Management has worked with some of the most familiar faces in the fashion industry. The agency’s philosophy to embrace non-traditional beauty has launched the careers of supers like Kate Moss and Carmen Kass and given us the alluring versatility of women such as Lea T and Jourdan Dunn. And with representation in New York, Paris and Milan, it’s easy to see why Women is a dynamic force in the industry. I got a chance to talk with 5-year agent Ryan Molloy about why she loves the industry and what makes Women one of the best in the business.

Agent Provocateur: Ryan Molloy of Women Management

How long have you been working as an agent? How did you get started in the industry?
I have been working at Women for the past five years. The opportunity presented itself when I was inbetween jobs, in search of a new career path. A good friend of mine was an agent at Women and invited me in to meet the team and discuss a possible opening. The core philosophies of the agency and its overall history really drove me to want to learn more about the biz. I did as much research as possible beforehand, and the rest is history. All went well, and I’ve been here ever since.

Women Management has one of the most impressive model client lists in the business, it must be dynamic to work with these girls. Do you have a favorite aspect of your job, something you love doing time and again?
It is a complete honor to be a part of the Women team and work with some of the most talented models and agents in industry. I must say, I am continuously inspired by my job and the chance to build a career that is successful and fulfilling. The possibilities are endless and the paths are all different. But with the right team and support, anything and everything is possible. We have such a strong core at Women, it makes the job that much more amazing.

Is there a specific campaign you worked on that particularly stands out in your mind as a favorite?
The Tom Ford campaign is memorable and confirmation that he is a legend and one of my favorite designers. Second to that has to be booking Daria Strokous in the film Contagion.

Can you talk about any exciting projects you have coming up with your clients at Women?
We are in the middle of campaign season, so I can’t reveal too much. You’ll just have to wait and see….

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Contributed by Amanda Gabriele

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