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Alexa Chung Dresses Like She’s 5-Years Old

We’ve all known that starlet Alexa Chung has a unique style to which all is her own, but now we are seeing she takes her inspiration from one of fashion’s youngest starlets, Suri Cruise. 

Alexa Chung Dresses Like Shes 5 Years Old

One is a toddler and the other is an it-girl, Alexa Chung and Suri Cruise do not have a lot in common when you look at their personalities on the surface, but when you look at their fashion sense side-by-side, you have a perfect match. Both have a love for badydoll dresses and “preppy” style and the more and more we think about it, Alexa Chung dresses like the chicest five-year old alive.

Suri Cruise is caught in the middle of her parents’, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’, divorce, but that isn’t stopping the tot from looking fabulous. Both young women (with one being significantly older) live in New York City, have signature dark locks, and are impeccably dressed. Why a collaboration between the two hasn’t started yet, we will never know. Until then, we will have to wait to see how Alexa matures and how Suri grows up. While the tiny tot’s style is already developed, we are desperately waiting on that wild child streak to appear in the celebrity daughter. Until then we’ll have to settle for Chung.

Contributed by Emily Draznik

Chicago transplant and aspiring gay icon. I hold the belief that puns are the highest form of humor and love writing about fashion and everything in between.