“I just need green. I need to wake up and see grass and squirrels. I don’t want to see skyscrapers.” That’s right, André Leon Talley, he of couture greatcoats and custom Chanel shirts, is just a regular guy. A regular guy who wears couture greatcoats and custom Chanel shirts.
ALT Fond of a Little Squirrel
Vogue‘s Editor-at-Large and the man I openly suspect of being my real father has settled down into a comfortable domesticity.
He takes his meals at the City Limits Diner in White Plains, near his home in Westchester.
(Note: start stalking ALT at the City Limits Diner in White Plains.)
He wears velour shorts under his crocodile Prada coats.
He shops at Target (hopefully pronounced Tar-zhay whenever he’s in the vicinity).

So has his turn as a sharp-tongued judge on America’s Next Top Model softened the old girl? Well, not necessarily. The chef at the City Limits, Peter Assue, assures us there’s still a bit of diva left up that Chado Ralph Rucci dolman sleeve. André does not like to be interrupted while he’s getting his chew on nor does he abide by the diner’s time schedule: “It’ll be 11 a.m.  ‘Get me the chef here right now. I need to have roast chicken!’”‘

Don’t fuck with a black girl’s chicken. That’s one way to get a Gucci loafer lodged in the side of your head.