Amber Rose in a Luda and Chris Brown Video. Your 15 Minutes Have Officially Expired.

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Kanye’s ex or current lover (I’m not too sure right now) is in a Luda and Chris Brown video. She’s the ugly one.

Seriously, don’t sign up for videos like this when the other girls in it are smoking hot. You look like the Charlie Brown-headed fugly friend they brought along to distract the fat dude in Luda’s posse. Plus, who the fuck smiles in rap videos. Your job as a video hoe is to pout, gyrate slowly and occasionally shoot a scene in your underwear. Smiling is for the cover of the J.C Penny catalogue which is probably where you’re gonna end up if you don’t get back in Kanye’s good graces or at least call us back when we request an interview.

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    This video is super OLD, are u just seeing it now? It's at least 2 years old...she probably didn't even kno Kanye yet, and I don't think she's done any vids since but she did sign with Ford Models...
  • totally didn't know. just saw it a few days ago. She's definitely not the hot one though and it was definitely after Kanye.
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