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American Ab Fab fashion

Some photos from the new, Americanized “Absolutely Fabulous” have hit the internet.
I, like the rest of the world, remain dubious. But “preferring the British version” of anything is like the last bastion of Yuppie affectation, so I will keep my heart open. For one episode. That's it.

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The Best Links:

  1. Images from the new American Ab Fab
  2. Meet the new Eddie.
  3. “At least hurwitz, of the late screwball masterpiece arrested development, is involved in some capacity.”
  4. Kristen Johnson: “We don’t smoke, we are hungover all the time, we chew Nicorette, we’re trying to be more PC, but I think it really works.”
  5. “The problem is, no american broadcast network is likely to present us with the comic adventures of two drug-addled has-been fashionistas without trying to make them likable and sympathetic.”
  6. original Absolutely Fabulous on IMDB
  7. the Original Ab Fab
  8. Watch a bunch of the original episodes here.

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