SOURCE:American Apparel Is Broke: We Blame Bad Taste And These 6 Awful Decisions

With news of American Apparel’s uncertain future and mega-debt (it’s up to $120 million), one has to wonder how such a hugely popular brand got into such a financial pickle. Some might chalk it up to their skeezy CEO. We think this summer’s “Butt” towel of a naked man, and a bevvy of other bad choices, might be to blame. Decide for yourself:

  • American Apparel Butt Magazine Towel

    This is the PG version if you can believe it. $45,


  • Lace Thong Bodysuit

    When is the right time to wear a see-through thong body suit? $44,


  • American Apparel Porno Ad

    Who could forget this fine moment in the company’s history? See the other 9 offensive ads that put American Apparel in hot water.


  • Mesh High-Waist Brief Romper

    Doesn’t really leave much to the imagination, does it? $38,


  • American Apparel “Unzip” Ad

    Another reason not to bring your grandmother into the store. Zipper-Front Bodysuit, $34,


  • Andy Kaufman T-Shirt

    This is just the t-shirt and jeans look you were going for, right?



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