85% of American men say the last person they fucked had an orgasm. 64% of American women say they had an orgasm the last time they did “it”. What’s the dealio?

American Men Are Horrible in Bed, But Freaky

A recent study by Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion has published a special issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine which is revealing a lot of data on how we like to get freaky.

The reason for the orgasm-gap is cause women fake it, men aren’t switching up the moves enough and some boys seem to not be fans of Colonel Angus.

  • Americans are freaky deaky. Some 41 different “combinations of sexual acts” were counted as answers to questions about responder’s most recent sexual activity.
  • Americans like to “experiment.” About 7 percent of adult women and 8 percent of adult men identify as gay or bisexual, but higher proportions have engaged in a little homo-fun during their lives. Almost 17 percent of women aged 20-24 have received oral sex from another women during their lives.
  • High school is for fucking. Ten percent of boys and 12.4 percent of girls aged 14-15 said they’d had vaginal intercourse in the past year. By the time they were 18-19, 62.5 percent of boys and 64 percent of girls had engaged in vaginal intercourse.

And here’s a table of sexual behavior in the past year. Click to enlarge:

American Men Are Horrible in Bed, But Freaky

And a little Colonel Angus for you all.