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Edited by on June 9 2008 at 5:32 PM

Welcome to a new feature on Style Indie called Anatomy of a Look.

This feature is reserved for those who rock a certain look, but fall several steps short of chic. I will dissect the look like it’s 9th grade science and then show how the outfit could work. Everyone has a style, however most times it just doesn’t work out.

For our inaugural edition we have Rumer Willis trying to rock the art-girl look.

Anatomy of a Look: Rumer Willis

The ‘art-girl’ look is hard to pull off because most people think you can just put what whatever you want together as an outfit and it’s artsy. Oh no! The truly chic ‘art girl’ knows it’s a delicate balance between quirkiness and polish. It’s so easy to look like Bjork’s twin when trying to rock this look.

Where to start? See the analysis, art-girl icons, and the look done right under the cut

The Rundown:

Silhouette: The staple of any good artsy girl is the high waisted bottom. When doing this you should rarely have a top not tucked into the bottom. Her skirt is actually nice but it’s the black slouchy top that kills the quirkiness of the skirt.

Accessories: Half-tights really? What are you Corey Kennedy? The only thing worse than being trendy, is still wearing that trend a year later. It’s summer and it’s hot as hell. So ditch the tights. And ditch the 1970′s-Grandma glasses. Geek some cool geek glasses that’s what all the cool kids are wearing!

Hair and Makeup: This girl can’t seem to find a hair cut that looks good on her, can she? The bob is a perfect hair cut for the artsy-girl. However there’s nothing chic about stringy hair.

The Verdict: Looks like Urban Outfitters had their way with her! Her look is unfortunate but not completely lost.

The Icons

Sofia Coppola: Coppola is the perennial art girl. As a former student at Cal Arts and intern at Chanel-she knows a thing or two about art girl chic. She breaks the perceived rules of fashion by rocking flats on the red carpet. As she has entered her thirties she has streamlined her arty-girl look into polished quirkiness.

Anatomy of a Look: Rumer Willis

Zooey Deschanel: Still in her twenties, Deschanel has come out as the as the actress fashion people can stand. She doesn’t relay on a stylist and her instincts in fashion are never wrong. She has a respect for the past and incorporates that into every look. The secret to her success is in unexpected accessories that tie the look together.

Anatomy of a Look: Rumer Willis

The Look Done Right: polished basics + quirky accessories= art-girl chic
Anatomy of a Look: Rumer Willis

Story by Lauren Garroni

There once was a girl from California who bitch slapped Anna Wintour and then called Andre Leon Tally a fatty. That girl wasn't me but god was she fucking cool. Love: foreign fashion magazines, newstands, charlotte rampling, silent movies Hate: Lilo, ScarJo, The Zoe, trends, but chiefly hipsters-fuck hipsters