And The Lawsuit Saga Continues…

And The Lawsuit Saga Continues... fashion

For any of you law aficionados out there, the case Liebeck Vs. McDonald’s probably rings a bell. If not, heres a brief synopsis: Liebeck sued McDonald’s, winning herself nearly $3 million, for burning her lap after spilling hot coffee. Hm, doesn’t coffee imply that the beverage is hot? Regardless, here’s another foolish lawsuit to add to the mix:

Clint Arthur, a businessman and fine art collector, bought special Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton prints at L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art two years ago.  A little while down the road, Arthur realized that these prints were made from scrap pieces used to make purses. His resolution: take Louis Vuitton to court for fraudulent deception.  Apparently, Arthur was a bit miffed that his prints cost $6000 each when the purses, which require far more craftsmanship, only cost $1000. While Vuitton claims that Arthur should have known the prints were made of scraps, offering the collector a full refund plus interest, Arthur presses onward in the hopes of correcting this “fraud” and collecting around $12 million. 

Really, the price discrepancy is totally reasonable. While the prints used are exactly the same, purses use far less of the material than the hanging prints. To me, this lawsuit sounds sounds like a bit of mid-life crisis drama and sought after entertainment. Seriously Arthur, go watch Gossip Girl or something. That should feed your petty drama craving for a few hours. 


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