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by on October 11, 2012

Fashion icon, Vogue contributing editor, and newly minted museum curator, Andre Leon Talley shares his thoughts on perfection and style in this exclusive one-on-one chat.  

Andre Leon Talley Reveals His Greatest Fashion Lesson & What It Means To Be Perfect

Name a moment in style that you would deem “perfect”?  

Marc Jacobs wearing a black dress with white boxers is a moment of perfection.

So you’re vote yes to the men-wearing-skirts look

If men want to wear skirts of dresses, it’s fabulous. Men have worn skirts forever.  Men wore kilts in Scotland for centuries. And in the French courts of Versailles, men were as lavishly powdered, rouged, quaffed, lacquered and brocaded up as the women. They had red heels and white stockings. So let yourself be free in your dress!

What else does “perfect” mean to you? 

Nature is perfection to me.  This big fan shaped flower coming out of the earth, that’s perfection. Also the little fern, that’s perfection. Those trees with the Spanish Moss, that’s perfection. A stingray is perfection. Perfection is not about clothes, perfection is about emotion. Life can be a moment of perfection. A glass of water can be a moment of perfection if it’s in the right glass. Water is perfection if it’s not contaminated.

Looking back how your style has evolved over the years, what is the greatest fashion lesson you’ve ever learned?

The greatest fashion lesson I’ve ever learned is dress for yourself, never doubt yourself, and hopefully you will achieve attractiveness to the world and others. But never doubt your own choices. Never be constricted by rules.

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Contributed by Samantha Lim

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