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Edited by on November 6 2012 at 9:00 AM

The presidential election is here! We have enlisted in voting lessons from Fashion’s First Lady, Andre Leon Talley. He shares his first Obama election story with us as well as some sage advice on how to choose our nation’s next leader.

Andre Leon Talley Teaches Us How To Choose the Next President

What was Obama’s first election experience like for you?

I was in Victory Park when Obama was elected that night. I had worked the phone bank voting headquarters in Chicago that morning. I was the first in the phone banks and I was the last to leave. I got on the bus by myself and went to Victory Park. I was standing in the crowd, and I went home to the hotel. I celebrated it all by myself.

An editor friend bought a caftan from a North African fabric shop on 125th Street that had Barack Obama’s face repeat printed all over it.

Oh I would love to see that.  Who made that? I want that.

We’ll have to get you one. What do you think of Michelle Obama’s style

Her style to me is perfection.

What is one message that you would give to the new generation of voters coming up this November?

Follow your choice based on what you feel this candidate would bring to your future and your life. Do not listen to political chatter on TV, but sit back and think, whoever the candidate is, what is he going to do for your life personally in terms of your future?

Here’s a rapid fire official list that Mr. Talley says you absolutely must ask before you cast your vote: 

Maybe you don’t have a job. How is he going to help you?

If you’re a woman, is he going to get rid of your rights as a woman?

What is he going to do about your own personal health issues?

Is this a person that’s going to keep us in a safer world?

Can you believe this person?

Does this person stand for true values?

Or is this a person who is just talking?

Is he just showboating to get the job?

Do you really believe this person will be a great president?

Whether you’re voting for Mitt Romney with the republicans or for Obama like Jay-Z, Beyonce and Anna Wintour, be sure to register to vote in your local area, only 5 days left to get all settled and signed up!


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Story by Samantha Lim

Editor in chic, satiating your fashion appetite. Have a comment? Tweet me @iamsamlim

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