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by on January 31, 2011

Squeeze olive juice on Miss Albania Angela Martini and serve her with 2 parts vodka. She looks good enough to guzzle in this month’s Esquire Turkey. Check out Angela’s interview with Esquire inside – we translated from Turkish. (All Fashion Indie writers speak six languages of course. Well, Lester speaks seven.)

Angela Martini Shaken, Not Stirred in Esquire Turkey

Could you tell us about yourself?

My name is Angela Martini, I’m 24 and I’m a Gemini. I was born in Albania in a city called Shkoder. When I was 9-years-old I moved to Switzerland with my family, so I am a Swiss citizen as well. Three years ago I moved to the city of my dreams, New York City. I am Miss Universe Albania 2010 and placed 6th during the Miss Universe 2010 competition. I have a modeling contract with Elite NY. I’m an international model also. I mostly do bikini and lingerie. I have done many shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami.  I have worked mostly with big catalogs in the US, for Lily of France, Linea of Sprint, Guess Lingerie and advertising for JC Penney’s, Ambrielle and more.

How long have you been a model? How did you start this job?

Since I was a little girl, I knew I was going to come to New York City and model. My first experience with modeling was at 18; before that my parents would not allow it. But as far as 100 percent professionally, I started modeling at 21 when I moved to U.S. and I signed with Elite NY.

Have you ever been to Turkey?

No, I haven’t been yet but I will soon. I have a lot of very good friends from Turkey. I have heard that it is such a beautiful place and the destination to go right now.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I try to work out by going to the gym or doing yoga. I also love watching movies and hanging out with my girlfriends, going to dinners, and I love to read when I have alone time.

Which country do you like most?

I’m always interested in countries or cities that I haven’t been to yet. Of course I love New York and Miami, Albania, and I’m really in love with Switzerland. But I’m looking forward to going to Turkey, Bali, Japan and to seeing the whole world.

What kind of men do you like? Do you have a boyfriend?

I’m sure you guys have heard it all about what women like: intelligent, honest, gentleman and of course every woman wants that and myself included; but I also focus on the man that feeds the personal state of mind that I’m in right at the moment. So when a man can make the missing puzzle pieces work, he’s my personal hero. I want someone that can take me higher. When I’m down he can pick me back up again.

What do you feel when you look at your sexy and cool pictures?

When I see my pictures I’m never like, wow I look so hot or something like that. Actually during the shoot, I keep running to the screen when I can and watch my pictures so I can know what I can do differently that looks even better. I looked at the hair, make up, lighting, my pose and my expression. It’s just work and art for me, and when I’m looking at that I think to myself wow I’m living my dream.

What does “passion” mean to you?

Love, joy, anger, desire, sadness and ambitions. For me personally I really have a passion for the world, for life in anything I do. If it is a job, a friendship, relationship, family, food, I’m full with passion. I’m very passionate.

What are the important things in your relationships?

Fearlessness. We can be in our world and we can write our own love story that has never been written before or no one has seen or heard before. We can be partners, grow together in anything from relationship, as people, in dreams and as a family. We can love each other for who we really are, not for somebody you hope the person to be. Mental stimulation for sure; you can’t be boring; you need action and adventure. As I said before when one of us is down the other lends a hand and brings the other back up.

Tell me one of your secrets.

If I told you my secret it will not be a secret anymore!

Who is your favorite actor?

Mark Wahlberg is not only a great actor but he is a great family man and philanthropist. I had the chance to meet him in LA with a good friend of mine, Unik.

Do you have any beauty secrets?

Exercise, sleep and water. I believe I look so much better after a day at the spa. Or after exercise going to the steam room and getting a good massage. Eight hours of sleep is also really good. You also have to accept yourself as you are. No one is perfect; in fact imperfection is beauty. Having good people around you who believe in you also gives you good self-esteem.

Do you find yourself sexy?

I think every woman is sexy. Every woman has it inside; it is our nature as women to be sexy and beautiful. It just comes out naturally. And every woman should think about herself that she is sexy. Of course you are! You’re a woman.

What are your future plans?

I’m not gonna stop till I reach the top. Just joking! Haha. I want to continue and give my best in my modeling career and I’m also looking forward to bringing my own bikini line in 2011. So I’m exited about so many things.

You look so skinny. Are you on a diet? Do you like Turkish food?

No, definitely not. I just work and try to eat good food. Yes, I do love Turkish food. My grandmother always made us imam bajaldi, baklava and byrek.

What is your message to Turkish men?

I love the sense of humor that Turkish men have. If you make someone laugh, they keep their good looks. Alsothe nice, warm and caring way Turkish men have is nice.

[Source: Esquire Turkey, Report: Elcin Kacar, Photos: Altay Mustafa]


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