Angelina Jolie’s Newest Humanitarian Effort… Saving the Malls of America

Angelina Jolies Newest Humanitarian Effort... Saving the Malls of America fashion

A while back, we wrote an article on why we hate malls…here’s another reason to add to the list.

This hand-carved marble fountain depicting Angie breast feeding her twins has just been unveiled in the Enchanted Food Court in the southwest wing of America’s largest shopping mall, right between Hot Dog on a Stick and Cinnabon.

“The fountain has quickly become a beloved shrine to the thousands of wild-eyed pilgrims flocking to fall upon their knees and worship her Holiness,” says it’s designer.

Mall authorities are thrilled with the response and recently told local news, “Sales are through the roof now that we’ve debuted the Saint Angelina Fountain and merchants such as Chicos, Cinnabon and Illuminations are seeing record sales numbers.”

Saving the economy one breast at a time

Thanks Gallery of the Absurd

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