Anna Wintour: Fan Of The Low-Key Fashion Week

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Anna Wintour: Fan Of The Low Key Fashion Week fashion

If my first Fashion Week taught me anything (besides patience and how to ignore pretentious divas) it would be to appreciate the runway shows at Bryant Park and not take them for granted. It looks like Anna Wintour and I have the same train of thought as she thinks designers shouldn’t take the runways for granted either! Lets face it, the economy completely turned this Fashion Week upside down and the designers who showed at the tents certainly were prepared for it. Honestly, who would want to show at such an enormous venue if their collection isn’t perfect? Anna Wintour applauds designers, who might not necessarily be completely prepared for the tents, on their decision to have presentations: “There’s definitely more presentations [this season], which I actually think is a great thing because a lot of people before were having shows that simply shouldn’t have been having them.” So there you have it, keep the runway on a pedestal and keep low-key collections at presentation level! Yes m’am! 


Thanks NY Mag!



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