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by on June 16, 2008

Anna Wintour is Royalty...Kinda

Anna Wintour has been named an OBE, or Officer of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, in England’s Queen’s birthday honors list.

What on earth does that mean? Well she hasn’t been knighted…yet, so we won’t have to call her Dame Anna Wintour. But she is now an officer, which doesn’t really mean anything, other than she can put OBE after her name. I wonder if she’ll require the Vogue minions to call her Anna Wintour OBE. How can you say that with a straight face, it might be easier given that they probably aren’t allowed to look at her directly.

The more important question is: What on earth did she do to deserve this? Wintour received the award “for services to British journalism and British fashion in the U.S.” British fashion in the U.S.? I breeze through Vogue these days but what British designers even get face-time or dress-time in Vogue?

Wintour said “I am totally thrilled at this recognition, particularly since it coincides with my 20th anniversary as editor of American Vogue” Totally? Did the British ice princess really say totally? Sounds like too much time with the Olsen twins, not enough time with John Galliano.

More power to her. If she can get an honor for running a crumbling fashion magazine, that is only considered the greatest because of its title, not the work inside of it. And for driving every editor, model, and designer to be as thin as her. That’s the world I would like to live in!

Anna Wintour is Royalty...Kinda

She is not amused.

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Contributed by Lauren Garroni

There once was a girl from California who bitch slapped Anna Wintour and then called Andre Leon Tally a fatty. That girl wasn't me but god was she fucking cool. Love: foreign fashion magazines, newstands, charlotte rampling, silent movies Hate: Lilo, ScarJo, The Zoe, trends, but chiefly hipsters-fuck hipsters