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Edited by on September 19 2011 at 2:57 PM

During the few weeks in between seasons when you wake up freezing and are sweating by noon, the conventional rules of fashion go completely out the window.  To help wrap our heads around how to dress right now, we chatted with uber glam stylist Annabel Tollman about her tips on transitional dressing, making an outfit work from night to day (note the difference), and why young designers might just be more creative than the bigger players.

Annabel Tollman Talks Trends, Night to Day Dressing, and Why Young Designers Are The Most Creative Type

What advice do you have for all the young designers showing at Lincoln Center this year? 

“Necessity is the mother of all invention.  Young designers are possibly more creative because they have to be. Don’t necessarily expect to come and show your first season at Lincoln Center, that is not what it is about. You’re going to show at a friend of your mum’s house sitting on folding chairs.”

What do you think are some predominant trends coming up this season?

“I think we’re going to carry on seeing a lot of color.  I do feel this sort of 30′s/70′s thing will continue.  A lot of color and a lot of print, it will be quite nice”

Do you have any tips on day-to-night dressing?

“I actually have some great tips on nigh to day dressing.  I used to work at Interview magazine and I remember hearing about all the socialites that would go out all night and come straight to work, be at the magazine all day, have a disco nap, get changed and go out all over again.  Therefore, instead of wearing your day clothes and throwing on a red lip and a heel, why don’t you wear your evening clothes, and wear something that will make it work.”

What are some of those pieces? 

“You can throw on a heather grey sweatshirt or a wacky clunky shoe or Converse.  Dress down an evening gown, that’d be my choice.”

Do you have any transitional weather tips? 

“In New York, your clothes have to go a long distance.  We’re very hard on our clothes, we are in and out of taxis, on subways, it is very hot, very cold, and it rains cats and dogs.  Always pack flats and a tiny little fold up umbrella in your bag, and check the weather before you go out.”

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Story by Samantha Lim

Editor in chic, satiating your fashion appetite. Have a comment? Tweet me @iamsamlim