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by on August 11, 2009

Asha Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend (and Best Kept Secret)

My Fave Asha Engagement Ring and Band Set

Diamonds are a girls best friend, but with the economy kicking everyone’s wallet, it’s getting harder and harder to add to your bling. Enter Asha Diamonds.

The online retailer of diamond simulants has been picking up fans across the board for having some of the most amazing stones fashionistas have ever seen. Clean, crisp and facetted to ensure they look like diamonds, these man made stones are not only beautiful, but also an ethical choice considering most diamonds are sourced from Africa and other impoverished nations where miners are paid below living wages so that Miffy on Park Avenue can have a 2-carat engagement ring. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with going so big, but if people are harmed in the process, it calls for some accountability from us, the consumer, to protect against harming others.

That’s why Asha Diamonds are a great alternative. Not only are they a fraction of the cost of real diamonds, but they are made in science labs far from child labor and industrial slavery. ¬†Asha is the only diamond simulant in the world that employs a patent pending form of “Amorphous Diamond” which is man-made and “composed of a multitude of tiny diamond crystals all aligned together”. These microscopic diamond crystals are blasted into the Asha crystal through the Amorphous Diamond Treatment process to give Asha an upper layer that is both simulant and man-made diamond crystal.
Asha Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend (and Best Kept Secret)

If this is too scientific for you, just take a look at the image above, can you tell what is what? With the exception of the Moissanite and Cubic which look dull, the Asha Diamond and mined stone look identical.

(from the left: Cubic Zirconia, Hearts and arrows mined diamond, Asha diamond simulant, and Moissanite).

Asha Stones are so hard to detect from mined diamonds that my jeweler was amazed to find out that my ring was not a $30,000 diamond, but an Asha Simulant.

Sold in many designs, styles, and shapes, Asha stones are less expensive than their counterparts and are more attainable by the us, the lowly fashion people who need a little bling in their daily.

So if you want a beautiful ring on your finger (or earrings on your ear or pendent on your neck) and want some money left in your pocket, invest in Asha stones so that you can spend your cash on the things that matter. Like the perfect dress and shoes to work with your diamonds.

Check out thier site for more info,


Contributed by Rebecca Alexander

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