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Ask the Bloggers: Trends that Are Missed but Not Forgotten

As we all know, fashion trends change like the weather, and it can be difficult to keep up. In preparation for our 90’s themed party, we began reminiscing on all the trends we wish were “in” instead of “out.” So we asked a few male fashion bloggers which styles they miss and would like to see more of.

From men in bellbottoms to making suspenders an everyday accessory, we received some very interesting answers from the fashionable men of today.

Peter Stocks – Aischrolatreia

It’d be great to see the return of patterned suspenders / braces. They’re currently tarnished with a reputation as a fancy dress item which is a crying shame, and it would be fantastic to see a re-emergence into the mainstream. It’s the strong patterns and great contrast you can get on a striped shirt that I think just gives that element of richness to an outfit.

Written by Louie Rodrigues