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Edited by on September 17 2012 at 12:53 PM

New York Fashion Week has come and gone in all its wonderfully chaotic glory. During the week, we ran into a ton of bloggers, new and established, reporting on the trends of the season. Not just anyone can be a men’s fashion blogger, and here in the FashionIndie office, we believe it takes a certain kind of man. But what kind of man is that?

We asked some of our favorite fashionable guys that exact question. Here are the tips they gave us – enjoy and take note!

Matthias Cornilleau
You have to be quite sensitive to photography and be comfortable in front of a camera as people are all around, if you are a street style blogger.

Also, you have to be open-minded because some critics are nasty and may hurt you or touch your pride. Remember – bad critics take part of our evolution.
 Styl Noxe

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Story by Louie Rodrigues

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