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FASHIONVILLE | September 7

The SKYY is The Limit: How To Have Your Own Secret FWNY Moment At Home

As you all know by now, New York Fashion Week is here, and with all the alchy you can imagine.  What you may not know is that SKYY Vodka, the official vodka of FWNY, will have an exclusive onsite presence at all official receptions and VIP lounges, serving up signature cocktails inspired by the season’s standout trends.  So for those of you who won’t be watching next seasons trends come down the runway, which is sad, here’s a bit of good news.  We got the exclusive names and recepies of the cocktails that will be spilled and sipped on all over New York this fabulous week–now you can take the edge off while bottoming up on the same cocktails as the celebrities and designers. Cheers.

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FASHIONVILLE | September 6

Head Over Heels for #NYFW: 10 Ways to Run Around In Style

Oh the rushing, pulsing joy. New York Fashion Week is finally here, and with it, the most beautiful frenzied madness imaginable.  Whether you’re planning on politely making an appearance every runway, or drunkenly crashing every after party, falling over running around in 6-inch stilettos may not look or feel like the cutest look for you.  If you want to get to shows on time looking and feeling fabulous, see our top 10 blessings in disguise after the jump.

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CULTURE CLUB | August 24

Modern Art Must See–Vasconcelos At Versailles

The exhibit Joana Vasconcelos Versailles offers a breathtaking juxtaposition of quintessesntial modern art saturating one of the most infamously classic and luxurious European settings today: the Palace of Versailles.  Take 5 minutes immediately and inform yourself of this extraordinary exhibit–this is not to be missed. 

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Stunning Studs: 8 ‘Don’t F*ck With Me’ Belts

Our obsession with studs this summer has led us to uncover a truth we’d like to share with you: it’s hard to beat a skinny studded belt.  Like every other essential accessory, it’s all about adding balance to an outfit: try dressing up solid blue denim shorts or a light feminine dress with something a little more fierce. Disclaimer: they don’t work as advertized.  Ironically, people tend to be more interested in f*cking you when you’re wearing one.  Check out 12 of the best belts you can buy today after the jump.

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