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FASHIONVILLE | February 27

Fashion Nerd

I hosted a little cocktail hour during Decoded Fashion, a fash/tech conference that brings together two of my favorite people, computer nerds with no sense of style and fashionites with no sense of nerd. I decided to dress for the part.

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FASHIONVILLE | February 24

In the Eyes of Oscar Winners

As I await the melee of emails about to cram my mailbox, filled with red carpet looks and insider make-up tips from the A-list, the team over at Olay asked me to predict which nominated celebs will draw from the past to recreate ICONIC WOW! EYES from winners past.

I feel a flashback in our near future…

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Carrie Bradshaw’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Lingerie

V-day is nearly upon us, and with it, a swooning deluge of NYC women with Sex and the City dreams. In honor of the holiday of love, I make my way to Nordstrom to find some intimates worthy of my own Mr.Big and get down to what made Carrie Bradshaw the quintessential cheeky coquette by rummaging through her underwear drawer.

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