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I LOVE …………………

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MY DOG, CORINTHOS – he makes me so happy – unconditional love  Here are some recent photos of him ………….. OLIVES I DISLIKE COFFEE BUT I LOVE MANHATTAN SPECIAL FOR SOME REASON… IF YOU NEVER TRIED IT TRY IT – SO GOOD – YOU CAN FIND IT

"With All the Frills"

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1. Oscar de la Renta 2
LINK LOVE:"With All the Frills"

WTF?!?! Jenni ‘J-Woww’ Farley

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Do you think Jwow thought her fur looked classy? What type of Forever21 made animal died to make this fur that is draping over her Ed Hardy reject tee? Now, who wants to take bets on whether her jeans are torn under her ass cheeks?

WTF?!?! Jersey Shore at Last Nights Grammy Awards

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So does them being at the Grammys mean they have a CD coming out? I really friggen hope so because I need a soundtrack to play while I do my tan-nails-hair extensions-gym-tan-tan-zitti-gym-tan routine in their honor. I just have one question, whose wearing


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Shiny shiny! Those tux’s make me so so mad when I think about the polyester sack I just had to try on at the men’s suit-kill yourself-wearhouse last night for my sister’s wedding (I wish I was kidding).
These guys all so look sharp that if I wasn’t watching

WTF?!?! Russel Brand at Last Nights Grammy Awards

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Ummm, I don’t think I can be a partial judge for this picture because I’m striaght up jealous of that facial wasting! However I’ll always support a fully exposed chest at a red carpet event.
The only thing I don’t like in this pic are those awful

WTF?!?! Britney Spears in Dolce & Gabbana

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Maybe it’s because I’m scared for Miley’s future, or maybe because my boyfriend will hold out on me if I bad mouth Britney, but I actually do want to try be nice about this one. So I’ll say, her hair looks so good.. at least the part that’s clipped

WTF!?! Kelis

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The last time I wore my full head of horns out I looked a hell of a lot better than Kelis, and I owe it all to two simple elements that Miss Milkshake forgot.

I Already Miss the Summer…

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Remember what it was like wearing flip flops and shorts to the corner store? If you don’t it’s time to call Intervention and sober up (please send me Ken Seeley) because it was basically a month ago. If you’re too proud to give up the good shit just take


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Maybe it’s his headband, maybe it’s the fact that I think he’s wearing jelly’s for sandals (it’s definitely that one) but this guy is officially my all time favorite STREET HERO.  So note to self: wear clothes without seems and a head band tomorrow so I

Sharpie Highlighters for DC LIFE

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Ok, well Sharpie didn’t actually design these shoes, but it looks like somebody over at DC got bored during 5th grade math class and colored over their entire gym shoe with highlighter. If you’re into looking like you just splashed through an acid trip, check out these

If You Ever Wished You Were Neo…

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Blue pill or red pill officially does not matter anymore. Anyone can step into The Matrix  with the Rick Owens Drkshdw Black Long Hoodie. The best part is you don’t even have to be on PETA’s shit list with this Keanu ready jacket because it’s made

Fanny Packs. Why? Why? Why?

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Engineered Garments decided that the fall and winter of 2009 was the right time for everyone to look like a total idiot. After watching every girl crash and burn while trying her hardest to make a fanny pack ironic enough to look cool, what would make any dude want

LOOKBOOK: Candy & Caviar Spring/Summer 2010

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Candy & Caviar’s spring/summer 2010 line is officially the first thing that made me miss the summer, and it’s only October. This is particularly dangerous because seasonal depression sends me straight to the Little Debbie’s box in a bad way. So it’s

APC Knows What’s Up

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It really is the little things in life that make the days pass. The changing colors of the fall leaves, a lady in high heeled rain boots taking a slippery tumble and crushing her umbrella, you know the standard moments of beauty we all look out for

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