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TRENDSPARK | September 3

Top 3 Trends from Mercedes-Benz Sydney Fashion Week

This year’s posse of stylish Aussies captivated us with bright colors, clever cut-outs and, as with this summer’s other Fashion Weeks, a tendency to use formal cuts and silhouettes in casual wear. Their fashion was more edgy than their animals – and if you know outback creatures, that’s saying a lot.

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Men’s Trends: The Do’s and Don’ts of the Blazer/Shorts Combo

The dandy look has been gallivanting its way down the runway regularly for several years now, but we’re just starting to see it on the streets. Every now and then we see a dapper glimmer of a well-executed blazer/shorts combination, and we must pause in admiration of their confidence. Modest men of the world, why are you scared? There’s nothing wrong with showing a little calf every once in a while. Loosen your tie! Let out your hair!

…your leg hair, that is.

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Venus Williams’ EleVen is Serving Up Sportswear at New York Fashion Week

Since our childhoods, the Williams twins have been in every other commercial, inspiring us with their finely-toned biceps and plastic-beaded hood-girl hair. They’re still on their game, and Venus Williams has started her own sportswear line that’s due to show in New York Fashion Week this September. To segue you from the uniforms of the Olympics to the fabulousness of Fashion Week, we’re talking about the launch of Williams’ new line, EleVen.

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The 3 Best Trends from Oslo Fashion Week

We couldn’t help but think of “Oslo in the Summertime” while writing this article. If you have synesthesia, you might think the clothing presented this Oslo Fashion Week looks a lot like that song sounds – calm, casual, somewhat futuristic and maybe a little creepy at times. There were plenty of new silhouettes to consider, and some stuck out more than others.

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90’S STYLE WEEK: Accessories that are All That and a Bag of Chips

There’s something wonderfully tacky about 90s accessories. As hilarious as we find them now, 20 years ago, beepers were the cutting edge of communication technology and no schoolchild would be caught dead without a Tamagotchi on their keychain. To wrap up the last day of our 90s Style Week, we’re bringing you the best recent re-inventions of those hella tight accessory trends you can wear half-ironically (though really, you do love them).

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