Baggy Clothes=Knocked Up

Baggy Clothes=Knocked Up fashion

Eva Longoria-Parker, not -just dresses like it

Ever since empire dresses and tent dresses became all the rage every celebrity has become ‘’. The gossip rags love calling every celeb who dresses in this of-the-moment-trend as knocked up. The latest celebrity to have a non-existent-bun-in-the-oven is (I believe this is her 12th pregnancy in two years). She was photographed wearing an empire waisted dress over a black t-shirt, which means she is of course with child. Thankfully her stylist/celeb-personality Robert Verdi came to her rescue assuring us all she is not, by revealing some interesting facts about the stylist-client relationship:

“Eva is not ! I’m not her gynecologist, but I am her stylist,” he explained. “I see her naked. I see her boobs! That’s the first place it would show, and it’s not showing!”

To recap what we’ve learned today. Stylist’s can tell many things about you, because they see you naked. And even though they are gay and don’t swing that way, they will defend your honor by telling publications that they freely see you naked. But let’s never forget that a stylist is not the same thing as a gyno. Thank you Robert Verdi!

Baggy Clothes=Knocked Up fashion

Eva Mendes also not eating for two

I must say I don’t really get the whole empire/ trend. Who wants to look if they’re not?


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