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Balloon Dresses are Blowing Up

A couple of weeks ago, you may have heard about a balloon hobbyist that (attempted to) recreate Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge‘s Alexander McQueen wedding gown – with balloons. Well, turns out she’s not the only one jonesin’ for a wedding dress made of balloons. Bozo the Brides are turning down the aisle across the world in dresses that really… pop. There are some truly atrocious balloon wedding gowns that need the air let out of them, but theres one balloon artist that has taken these air pockets to a higher fashion ground. Those I’ll show you first.

Balloon Dresses are Blowing Up

Japanese artist Rie Hosokai goes by the name Daisy Balloon and weaves pumped up latex into some stunning material.

Written by Jessica Lapidos

I impart my daily love of light layering, thick-as-thieves platforms and undiscovered fashionable gems. I love to turn a phrase, and in truth I'm a designer at werq.