Balmain’s On Crack. Charging $1625 for a Salvation Army Reject Tee

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Balmains On Crack. Charging $1625 for a Salvation Army Reject Tee

Balmain is attempting to get women to pay almost $2000 for a shirt you could make by taking a pair of scissors to a basic t-shirt. Here’s our letter to the genius’ at the fashion house.

Dear Balmain,

WHAT THE FUCK!!! Charging $1625 for a tee shirt that looks more like a dish rag than a piece of high fashion is SOOO NOT COOL!!! Come on now. I get it, you’re high fashion. I get it, your customers would pay for garbage like this. But get this, if I saw anyone walking down the street, wearing this version of a torn up tee shirt, rather than heading to American Apparel and tearing one up themselves, I’d be forced to rob the bitch.


Not lying.

I would rob the bitch.

I’d tear the shirt off, grab her purse and push her into a puddle and make a run for it. No one in the world needs a ripped up tee that costs more than the gross annual salary of a migrant worker, but bravo, cause I’m sure some idiots out there already bought this.

Hugs & Disses,

Daniel Saynt

UPDATE: Some douche was mad at me for mentioning “migrant workers” in this post. He wrote Becks an email stating that that was “offensive”. I’m assuming either a) he is a migrant worker or b) he makes less than $1625 a year. Either way, chill out. It’s a joke. No one is offended. Cause honestly, migrant workers can’t afford the internet/don’t read this website. (again a jk. im sure there are millions of migrants who read our site everyday for their fashion update…)

Balmains On Crack. Charging $1625 for a Salvation Army Reject Tee

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Article by Daniel Saynt, The Dude

I run this magical land of fashion. That's about it. Daniel Saynt, The Dude tagged this post with: , , Read 4261 articles by Daniel Saynt, The Dude
  • yo!! u've got some huge balls talking all that shit!!! lmao!!! ma du ur my hero!! that is true.!! I love balmain but when I saw the ticket on this shirt I started laughing.

    the bad girl of fashion
  • I saw a shirt like this in Zara the other day. It sort of made me want to do violent things to the sales associate who asked me if I needed any help. I wish people would stop trying to sell me shit that looks used.
  • NotgoodJoyfuldude
    I believe all they did was stick their label on a lost and found t-shirt.
  • shelleylav
    I think the fashion world just gets bored and likes to play jokes on ridiculous people. This is insane, I mean, 400 for a tee is pretty up there on I think anyone's listm but almost 2 grand.. thats just a blatant joke.
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