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Edited by on October 15 2010 at 12:54 PM

Don’t you love the fact that fashion inspirations can be found anywhere, on anyone, or anything. One of the most interesting places to find this little perk is usually on my favorite bands album covers… let’s just point out a few.

Bands Past and Present With Awesome Style

As a total 90′s kid growing up listening to No Doubt and watching Gwen’s hair change with her every mood was pure awesomness,  we all know we loved her “kicking down doors” attitude and 20′s housewife inspired hair twists.

Bands Past and Present With Awesome Style

VAMPIRE WEEKEND- Total prepsters, how could they not be after all they did attend Columbia University. Button ups, cardigans, oxfords, scruff, and scarves.

Bands Past and Present With Awesome Style

THE STROKES- Only the best thing to ever hit your cute little ears! Last Night, Is This it, Someday, just makes you want to party your youth away. These guys are somewhat on the grungy side, and probably the only guys to make jean jackets look as good as they do on a male.

Bands Past and Present With Awesome Style

FRANZ FERDINAND-  Oxfords, blazzer jackets, ties, and button up shirts, some what British looking?… how would you not want one of these boys by your side.

Bands Past and Present With Awesome Style

THE CURE- Maybe their style is a bit on the scary side, but just like their sweet tunes, I dig the all black, serious stares, huge Doc Marten looking boots, and messy hair.

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Story by Nicole Vardo

My hair is as notoriously messy as the previous night's festivities, I'd like to think of myself as a young Jackie. O with more sex appeal, I can write my own dictionary and nine times out of ten I'm wearing Manolos. Follow me on twitter: @nicolevardo

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