Walking hypodermic needle, Amy Winehouse, sat down with Harper’s Bazaar recently to talk about her new line for Fred Perry, only to go from zero to cray-cray in 45 minutes.

Bazaar O WinehouseWhen asked about his experience working with Winehouse, a marketing manager at Fred Perry claimed that she was a “delight” and was both “passionate” and “dedicated.”

Clearly coming as a surprise, this prompted the reporter to ask, “Could Amy Winehouse have turned over a new leaf?”

Bitch, please.

45 minutes later, the habitual rehabber (yes, yes, yes), is wobbling around in heels, slurring her words and doing “a chorus-girl routine for the camera.”

Meanwhile, that describes me on a typical afternoon. But besides that, is anyone really shocked that Amy Winehouse is still a hot tranny mess?

Her name has become synonymous with “hot tranny mess.”

Look up “Amy Winehouse” in the dictionary, you see this picture, then “See: Hot Tranny Mess.”

She”s a user and an abuser, but she’s also extremely talented. It’s no surprise that she actually could have been good at designing this line for Fred Perry. Her sense of style, which she describes as an “old (Jewish) black man,” is smart and chic, and for the current times, refreshing.

What’s most surprising is that Bryan “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You” Adams is not only still alive, but also an alleged photographer. Who knew?

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