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by on September 28, 2008

Kate Moss has been herald as a fashion icon for the last 15 years. From the waif look, to skinny jeans, and gladiator shoes we, the fashion masses, have followed. Now Kate Moss was snapped with pink highlights in her blonde, newly cropped hair. The model was seen out with this new do, celebrating her daughter’s 6th birthday with a pink-themed party. Whatever Kate Moss does the fashion posse follows.

Beauty Call: Kate Moss New Do



Contributed by Lauren Garroni

There once was a girl from California who bitch slapped Anna Wintour and then called Andre Leon Tally a fatty. That girl wasn't me but god was she fucking cool. Love: foreign fashion magazines, newstands, charlotte rampling, silent movies Hate: Lilo, ScarJo, The Zoe, trends, but chiefly hipsters-fuck hipsters