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Edited by on December 29 2010 at 7:15 AM

Whether you are an individual who likes to keep her makeup simple and light, or a diva who craves glamour and drama, there is a way to wear gold to dress up your look. You can dab it on as an accent as lightly as you prefer or smother your eyes in gold dust to make a bold statement. Whatever your technique for adding gold to your makeup palette in the cooler months, if you are searching for more variations on wearing it, take a look at the following suggestions to add to your arsenal of fall looks

Beauty Indie How to: Glitter and Gold Eye Candy

1. Sparkle all over with a liquid foundation containing gold shimmer particles. Apply with a light hand for a natural look and be sure to blend with a makeup sponge. To avoid overkill, keep the rest of your makeup matte or semi-matte in colors that are trendy during the fall. A few favorable options are shades belonging to the plum and berry families.

2. Wear gold eyeshadow in a metallic finish from lash line to crease. Metallic textures are a fall trend that create a dazzling effect beloved by makeup mavens. If you prefer softer makeup but still want to jump on the bandwagon, try a sheer layer of metallic gold in a cream-to-powder formulation.

3.Highlight your bone structure with gold. The key to not overdoing it is to choose only one region of your face that you’d like to call more attention to. Popular options would be either the cheekbones or the brow. Use very finely milled gold shimmer applied sparingly for a wearable look, even in the daytime. To go even softer, an alternative product would be a shimmer powder with the most minute flecks of gold. You can use this as well on your decolletage.

Beauty Indie How to: Glitter and Gold Eye Candy

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Story by Nicole Vardo

My hair is as notoriously messy as the previous night's festivities, I'd like to think of myself as a young Jackie. O with more sex appeal, I can write my own dictionary and nine times out of ten I'm wearing Manolos. @nicolevardo