BEAUTY: Three Ways to Condition Your Hair from Belegenza

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As it gets colder, our skin and hair get dryer, but unlike skin, which can only be moisturized one way (with lotions), there are three ways to condition your hair to keep it looking and feeling healthy. Belegenza Hair Care gives you options, based on need and preference, to make conditioning a part of your daily routine. From leave-in conditioner, to deep moisturizing, Belegenza has what you need.

RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment replenishes moister, reviving and protecting hair, stopping breakage and adding brilliant shine.

Dramatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner pumps your hair with an ultra–light fusion of vitamins, antioxidants, and secret protein extracts for fuller healthier hair.

EnCore Leave-In Conditioner goes to the “core” of your hair, adds shines, and detangles instantly, adding body to damaged hair.

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