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Edited by on September 15 2010 at 12:53 PM

Bebe Fucks Up. Leaves 200 in Standing, Puts Toddlers Front Row
Let’s first start off by asking what the fuck is Bebe doing showing at Fashion Week. Really? Did a Kardashian shit out another collection?

I really don’t see the point of this brand trying to act like people care about the exact same pencil skirt coming down the runway each season, it’s the equivalent of Express trying to convince us that anything ever changes in their mens collection, not happening.

So when they decided to host a fashion show, you can understand my apprehension towards attending. I thought about hitting it up, but when I didn’t get a seat confirmation, I skipped it and decided to just watch the drama unfold on the twitterverse.

Big surprise, drama ensued.

Aside from having 200+ people in standing room, a number of guests were left outside. To add injury to insult, top blogs like Styleite where forced to mingle with the common folk as they watched toddlers seated front row. Guess someones baby mama at Bebe took a seat over child support this month.

Eitherway, the show seemed to be a total bust, with most editors annoyed with the massive crowds and random frontrowers. Here’s a few of the most entertaining tweets…

@CombineCouture I love that a basketball player is being interviewed on the red carpet at #bebe and giving his opinion on the show #nyfw #mbfw

@cutblog We are sensing fire-code violations ‘a plenty at #bebe. (five times more people than ought to be jammed in here) (via @fuggirls) #nyfw

@AllTheLooks #bebe running over 40 mins late and counting

@cutblog Front row at Bebe: LA Laker Ron Artest. (via @fuggirls) #bebe #nyfw

@Styleite Kate Lanphear and Robbie Myers are front row at #bebe. That is a sentence we never thought we’d type.


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