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Become a Fashion Indie Editor

Fashion Indie is on the search for a Features Editor and we are hoping we can find one amongst our hundreds of thousands of readers. We’re looking for someone who is completely bat shit who can make this whole fashion thing look like one big joke.

If you think you have what it takes to become our Features Editor then take a moment and submit a featured story for inclusion on FashionIndie.com. Featured articles should be above 200 words and include photos.

Suggested featured articles include but are not limited to…

- Top Ten Lists; ten best designer runway shows, ten best jackets of the season, ten best ways to not dress like a douchebag, etc.

- Interviews; one-on-ones with designers, celebrities, models, readers of fashion indie, style icons, etc.

- Seasonal Runway Reviews; trends from current fashion seasons, reviews of young and mainstream designers, accessory reports and more.

- Anything You Fucking Want; celebrity bashes, rants and rage, anything you want to say that we might think is absolutely amazing.

You’ll get paid $5 every time your story gets posted on FashionIndie.com and after a few months we’ll review all the stories received and select a Features Editor who will get a nice comfy spot on our payroll and get to choose all the featured stories that get on Fashion Indie.

So get to work indies, and impress the shit out of us…

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