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Been There….Done That……HATED IT……Still Do!

Fashion, akonclothing Been There....Done That......HATED IT......Still Do!
You all know that I, Z’maji, am not one to criticize -*crickets*- but I think urban wear needs a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart like the overdose scene in Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman in that dollar store wig,  bleeding all over a beautiful, pristine white, combed cotton knit blouse……..wait, I’ve side tracked m’self……….oh yea,  Akon is one of the many offenders makin’ stinky poo all over urban wear!  His “clothing” line Konvict Apparel (because being a convict should be every young man’s life goal) is the same ol’ thing we’ve seen and didn’t like the 1st go round,  guess no one texted him and let him know we were trying to do better now.  It’s like every rappers agenda includes a string of #1 hits, baby mama drama,  illegal weapons charges and ‘haven’t I seen that trash before’ clothing lines.
Also, it always confuses me why established, influential periodicals such as PEOPLE scrape the bottom of life’s proverbial barrel for interviews and wisdom from those that wouldn’t know wisdom if it SQUATTED ON THEIR HEAD AND CUT A FAT ONE.  Enter Akon,  whom they asked various questions regarding his work with Michael Jackson and NKOTB.  Of course they neglected to ask him the most important question which is when he’ll stop “designing” his own “clothing line” and why he’s wasting the time of the Kathie Lee sweat shop children when he knows they have a quota to meet.  You know when they don’t fill their order for the day Kathie won’t give them there warm bowl of vomit-like gruel and sewer water beverage urine,  yawl know Kathie Lee don’t play these games!
While cleaning dead skin from under you nails,  read the interview:  Akon - PEOPLE
-Z’maji of HauteBlogXOXO


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