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Edited by on May 27 2008 at 2:03 PM

Before They Had Reality Shows: Michael Kors

Michael Kors, 1984

You have to love Michael Kors look from the mid-eighties. The then young designer had hair, non-melenoma prone skin, and even had eyebrows!!!  Oh, what a season on Project Runway will do to you. He comments on his Big Break moment below and his major fashion mistake (as if the current spray-on tan look isn’t bad enough).

“There have been many, but I guess the first would be my first season getting windows at Bergdorf Goodman. I was physically on the street at two in the morning directing them as they put the mannequins in.”

“The worst thing I ever wore was legwarmers when I was in school. I not only wore them, I used to wear two or three pairs. Everything was some shade of dusty mauve and rose, what I call ‘ishy colors.’ At the time I was wearing a burgundy boot. Fortunately, there are no photographs.”


Story by Saynt

Fashion Indie's Big Poppa.