Before They Had Stylists: Megan Fox

Before They Had Stylists: Megan FoxFrom a high school model wannabe, to gracing the covers of Maxim and GQ, Transformers actress Megan Fox certainly has made the great “transformation.” Fox’s career took flight back in 1999, winning several awards at Hilton Head’s American Modeling and Talent Convention. Today, Fox teases the boys in Men’s magazines everywhere. Aside from the grungy oversized polo and plucked away eyebrows, Megan Fox’s youthful sex-appeal had been, and probably will always be on her side. Slap on a few tattoos and sex up the hair, but what ever you do Fox, never lose that signature angst! As Kanye West so brilliantly stated, “It’s hard to look sexy without looking angry.” Megan Fox has got the balance down pat. 


Thanks for the photos Hollywood Tuna!

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