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by on September 15, 2008


Before They Had Stylists: Mila Kunis

Before They Had Stylists: Mila Kunis


Before They Had Stylists: Mila Kunis

In anticipation for the release of Forgetting Sarah Marshall on DVD, I decided to remind everyone of how good Mila Kunis looks. She must be pulling in a lot of dough because she is looking much better than she used to, and it is apparent she realised that looking like a hippie on That 70′s Show isn’t in style and got herself a stylist. From bell bottoms to Stella McCartney, Mila has stepped her game up. Be sure to check out Forgetting Sarah Marshall if you haven’t already, I nearly peed my pants it was so funny. However, I can hear Mila talk without picturing Meg Griffin from Family Guy, and she needs to break up with that Michael Jackson fondling Mccauley Culkin.


Thanks Just Jared for the pics


Contributed by Corey Moran

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