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Black % White Talk Fashion

Black % White Talk Fashion fashion

Every Fashion Week you tend to meet some new people, and you end up seeing them at all the shows. I had that happen to me this year with a certain someone from Black % White PR named Kelly Mills. Her and her partner Mari J. Brooklyn were two familiar faces at a bunch of shows I went to. After meeting Kelly at the Telfar Show, we e-mailed a few times back and fourth, and she ended up telling me about this amazing project her and Mari were working on. They just started their own radio show that is taking place in Fashion Indie’s backyard, Dumbo, called Fashionably Yours. Sadly I wasn’t able to make the premiere party, but I feel like I owe it to not only to Kelly, but to all you indies to post the commercial for the show.  So here goes nothing!



Be sure to check out Fashionably Yours every Monday night at 9pm!

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