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Edited by on August 6 2010 at 2:47 PM

BOOK REVIEW: Nina Garcia’s Look Book: What To Wear For Every OccasionNina Garcia, Marie Claire Magazine fashion director, Project Runway judge and bestselling author answers the age old dilemma “What should I wear?” in her new book Nina Garcia’s Look Book: What To Wear For Every Occasion, available August 10th.
I got my hands on an advance copy and can tell you right now that I am going to bring this book with me wherever I go. Not only is it a great reference book, acclaimed painter, sculptor, fashion illustrator (and husband of fashion designer Isabel), Ruben Toledo’s delightful illustrations make it a collector’s item as well.

Garcia tackles all the dressing dilemmas a woman might encounter from what to wear on an interview to what to wear on a first date, a Broadway show, a cocktail party and what to wear to a wedding. She even helps readers decide what to wear while getting their hair done, appearing for jury duty or asking for a raise. There’s an entire section on what to wear while volunteering which gets so specific as to list various volunteer organizations and appropriate attire for each of them. With that section alone, Garcia highlights the fact that fashion and style are not the stuff of superficiality.

Garcia doesn’t dictate hard and fast fashion rules to readers. In fact, for many of the occasions listed in the book, Garcia includes a section called Rules are Made to be Broken in which she does just that – takes long-standing fashion rules and dispels them. (She encourages readers to break a few of their own too.) One of my favorites: Never wear black with brown or navy. Garcia topples this rule by saying, “Rubbish. Black with brown, navy or gray is a thoroughly modern twist on classic dressing.” She also includes sections called Rule Breakers We Love and her reasons for loving them. Garcia stresses the importance of personal style over being a fashion slave and inspires readers to know thyself and dress for who you are. Her voice is strong yet personal and, periodically readers are treated to inside glimpses of this fashion uber-icon’s inner thoughts. (Who would have guessed that Garcia not only fields the question “What should I wear?” but calls her friends and asks them for their advice too. Love her!)

Hair and makeup tips, quotes from well-known people, and accessory suggestions round out Garcia’s pages. Never heavy handed or dictatorial, Garcia’s Look Book is a fun and fashionable tome and one that you’ll refer to time and time again. Even if you have nowhere to go.

Nina Garcia’s Look Book, What To Wear For Every Occasion with illustrations by Ruben Toledo is available for $23.99 on August 10th.

LINK LOVE:BOOK REVIEW: Nina Garcia’s Look Book: What To Wear For Every Occasion

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