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Edited by on June 6 2011 at 4:52 PM

“Life is a journey, and every trip is an adventure,” Diane von Furstenberg says in the opening of her forward for American Fashion Travel (Assouline 2011). Written by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, this colorful and easy to digest travel memoir follows designers on the go to their favorite destinations and recalls some of their favorite jet-setting memories.

Bookclubbin: American Fashion Travel by CFDA

“For me, traveling is a regular thing, but always a privilege and an extraordinary experience,” Furstenberg says. This mentality is what makes American Fashion Travel so down to earth. From the shores of Montauk to Bondi Beach or snow-covered mountains of Colorado or Switzerland, no destination is too big or small to make an impact on someone’s life. When flipping through the colorful pages and reading handwritten answers by CFDA designers, you’ll discover places you too have been and destinations foreign to you. Some prefer cars and others planes. The ideal vacation could include the spa or a hike to the top of a volcano. But when reading this book, you must remember that surprises are the best part of traveling.

“With every trip comes the unexpected, and that becomes part of your experience when you travel,’ Furstenberg says. “You have to be very open and spontaneous and ready to change your plans.”

Here are a few of our favorite travel memoirs from the book:

Bookclubbin: American Fashion Travel by CFDA

Bookclubbin: American Fashion Travel by CFDA

Bookclubbin: American Fashion Travel by CFDA


What owning this book says about you: I love to travel but live vicariously through others when I can’t make it out of town.

What your dinner guests will say upon seeing this book on your coffee table: What a colorful book. I want to go everywhere!

How this book will make your fashion brain grow: Learning where designers gather inspiration from around the world will help you better understand the creative process and how they translate experience into fashion. Plus, you will for sure be inspired to travel and gain your own worldliness and insight.

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Story by Amanda Gabriele

I stole my first pair of platforms from the Spice Bus in 1997 when Anglophilia was all the rage. Collector of vintage bags, vinyl and kitchen appliances. My dream of becoming a butcher is momentarily on hiatus so I can teach you how to wear muumuus and apply false eyelashes. Follow me on Twitter @CrystlMeatballs.