Boom Chaka Laka Boom.Theads

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Boom Chaka Laka Boom.TheadsYou have fashion designers, you have film makers, you have entertainers then you have artists. Artists who live to create. Create to live. To the artist, hustle comes secondary. They create because it’s the way they communicate with the world. is thrilled to introduce BOOM.THREADS. Brought to you by the mystic Ogechi.

Self described as:

My work channels the mystique of Black skin, charged with the feminine sexual power, to examine sexual roles and urges. Sexuality is the key to the continuum of life, as we know it. My video work draws on the representational authority of the photographic image as a means of engaging the viewer in my alternate reality to comment on the biological past, present and future of the darker-skinned children of Africa on planet Earth.

Boom Chaka Laka Boom.Theads1. Tell me a little a…Multi-media artist from the time I was a small child. I am inspired by all art forms. I experiment a lot and it usually works out. But when
it I don’t love it, I just try again.

I just have one of those spirits that won’t give up on my ideas.

I got into filmmaking as an umbrella to record all of my ideas and creations. But umm… I’m really hands on with what goes on before my lens…

And I’m a healer.

> 2. Your tshirts seem to tell a story, can you tell me a bit about each.

I let each shirt inspire me with a different mood. I don’t plan them in advance. Sometimes I get a vision. I just paint.
Painting relaxes me. I go with the spirit.

“Sun Rays on a Cloudy Head” happened very organically. I was trying to communicate a feeling and the elements just came together. A lot of men respond to that design.

The ideal boom.threads wearer will let each shirt inspire them and be open to the experience of inspiring other folks by wearing something out of the ordinary. These T-shirts are conversation pieces.

Trust, they are empowering to the wearer. I did a focus group and the results were unanimous. Consider yourself warned. ;)

Boom Chaka Laka Boom.Theads> 3. What is your personal style?

Eye on Africa. Futuristic. Cultural. Expressive. Soul searching. Trend-setting.
In my experience, I’ve noticed that my personal style is about 3-4 years ahead of the fashion industry.

That’s usually how long I look “unusual” before people start copying. But I never let that get to me because I’m always adding to and refining my style.

It’s always changing and growing and that’s how I stay unique.

> 4. How would you define underground fashion?

Underground fashion is what the fearless trend-setters wear. The going shelf life is about 3 years before underground fashion is xeroxed into the fashion industry machine, but that time is decreasing in the information age. I think that we are going to see a rise in individual

> 5. Ok….predict the fashion future…what do you see for fall?

Emphasis on personal style and identity. Things could definitely get tribal. Look out for Boomthreads Fall 09 Collection.

Boom Chaka Laka Boom.Theads > 6. How would you describe your local LA based fashion?

I’m an east coast transplant. On the east coast the temp is always changing so we do layers. And more tailored items.

West Coast style is about comfort and not trying too hard, being able to blend into different activities, day & night. There is more of an emphasis on personality.

Going too hard on with random trendy style without a well developed persona comes off fake.

Imitation won’t take ya far in this environment. At least, that’s my opinion.

When the style and persona work in conjunction, that’s when you’re living it in color.

> 7. What do you see in your fashion future as a designer and fashionista?

I’ve got my sights on fabric design. Show costumes. Sculpture.

> 8. What is your fashion pet peeve? Boom Chaka Laka Boom.Theads

Ed hardy. Just kidding. No really.

When people wear symbols and insignia of a culture they know nothing about. Negative & limiting statements on T-shirts. Words & images have power. They carry energy.

I’ve very selective about the energy factor of symbols and statements with which I choose to adorn myself.

Christian Audigier is a great business man, however… ;)

> 9. What other projects do you have on the burner?

A DVD of my video art is upcoming on Epistrophik Peach Sound label. I’m participating in a really exciting art show called M3: MC’s Mic and Metaphors in July in collaboration with Declaime. It will be occur in conjunction with DC’s Hip Hop Theatre festival.

10. What’s the one MUST HAVE product on

The “So Boom” Logo Tee. It’s Unisex and so versatile. You’re gonna love running your hands all over it. It has a lot of… texture.
Here’s a little moving picture treat from the Ogechi….just genius.


SOURCE: Boom Chaka Laka Boom.Theads

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