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Boutique Critique:: Début: Look 3

Début is the kind of shop where some jewelry hangs on hangers. Designers are making such radically new creations that owner Lisa Weiss must often come up with creative ways to display them. Those displays are ever changing because the average length of time she carries one designer is about three seasons. In order to maintain her store’s philosophy, she cannot get too loyal to one designer. She must live by the essence of if you love it, let it go… What comes back is the success the designers see upon graduating from Début, knowing where they kicked it all off.

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LOOK THREE: Abstract Python Warrior

Boutique Critique:: Début: Look 3

The Shoulder Piece: Fannie Schiavoni, $825

This look began with my love of the chain mail shoulder piece. The metal mesh moves like water in my hand and makes me feel invincible when strapped around my body. Its creator Fannie Schiavoni hand makes each piece in her studion in London, and keeps the color of her materials muted so that she can focus purely on the shape and clean lines. She has named this collection “Lucy in the Sky”, evoking a psychedelic yet other worldly feeling.

The (non) Body Suit: Calla Paris, Leggings, $174, Tank, $98

My first instinct to match the brilliance of the shoulder scene-stealer was an abstract printed dress by Calla Paris. Calla Haynes is a Canadian-born, Paris based designer with a five-year training history with Olivier Theyskens and a serious knack for tight prints. Début had the pattern in a fierce little itty bitty dress (which I spotted first). That mini thing, which being one of the only pieces left over from Fall 2010, did not come in my size, and thus did not even contain half of one of my boob. But I needed an outfit to form the foundation of that glorious shoulder piece. So it occurred to me to try the olive printed stirrup tights with the matching tank. Alone and together I was in love. The leggings have a nearly 3-inch sturdy black elastic waistband that hugs and sucks in as the tank tucks in to form a bodysuit.

The Skirt: Whit, $225

A bodysuit is so right for so many reasons. However, it didn’t feel 100% right at the moment; there had to be another layer, if not to cover more stunning items in Début, then to cover some of my winter weight… With that came this military green scoop pocket skirt by Whit, a line launched by Phoenix native Whitney Pozgay. With a studio Brooklyn and experience with Kate Spade, Three Asfour and Steven Alan, she has created a line founded in imagery as diverse as Keith Haring and ice pops.


How do you feel about the bodysuit? Would you wear this look?

Come back tomorrow for Look 4.

Début | 298 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012

Contributed by Jessica Lapidos

I impart my daily love of light layering, thick-as-thieves platforms and undiscovered fashionable gems. I love to turn a phrase, and in truth I'm a designer at werq.