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Edited by on March 18 2011 at 9:22 AM

All week you’ve seen the debut of this new column, Boutique Critique, and today brings our first shop Début to the final outfit. This look has a whole lot of that green buzzword about it: Sustainability. Storeowner Lisa Weiss runs her store to be socially and environmentally conscious with the small batch runs of new lines alongside handmade jewelry. Reaching even deeper, Début features several designers who take more radical steps to be sustainable. Such as Christopher Raeburn who takes the philosophy of repurposing to warrior status, and Monisha Raja who brings a whole new meaning to outsourcing with her line Love Is Mighty. Read ahead to see the most eco-loving look yet. And a dash of of pattern mashing.

Like what you’re seeing? Shop it all at 10% off at Début when you mention FashionIndie!

LOOK FIVE: Sustainable Pattern Mashup

Boutique Critique:: Début: Look 5

The Parachute Hoodie: Christopher Raeburn, $462

Christopher Raeburn caught my attention with his collection in London for next fall. He takes discarded military material and repurposes them as slickers and other articles of clothing. Like this jacket for instance, that is made from 100% Parachute Nylon. I had been eyeing a different holy jacket down, as it was featured in its own front display, but I didn’t end up putting it with my chosen looks. That piece would suffice to live independently of an outfit; a true outer layer fit to engulf any look. This neon piece, however, seemed more the challenge: I was after some good pattern mixin’.

The Tank: Timo Weiland, $320

To suit my pattern mashing desires, Timo Weiland jumped to me once more. The sheer red-orange organic shapes that formulate on this tank completely complement the wild dotting of the jacket. But what’s on the back of the shirt, you ask? Why it’s the same tree landscape we saw on the dress in the previous look.

The Skirt: Lisa Marie Fernandez, $224

You might have sensed my affinity for neoprene at this point. Lisa Marie Fernandez shapes up a lovely little black skirt, beach- and bar-friendly.Though, I must admit, if there were to have been a brightly patterned bottom that meshed, I would have Man-Repellered it up.

The Necklace: Orly Genger, $395

This rope conglomeration collar hung from a single nail in the Orly Genger nook, and eyed me down the entire two hours I was in Début. Each mountain climbers rope speckled with neon, hand-tied knots wrapping concentrically around thick straight ones, clung together.

The Sandals: Love Is Mighty, $175

My vision for this outfit was sandals. Monisha Raja‘s vision for these sandals was environmental and social sustainability. Employing artisans from indigenous tribes across the globe, she uses traditional arts and crafts techniques and completely animal friendly materials to produce beaded sandals and bags. See the Facebook page for more about their world involvement.


Thanks to Début for a fabulously fashionable week! Check back Monday for another shop, just down the block.

Début | 298 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012

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Story by Jessica Lapidos

I impart my daily love of light layering, thick-as-thieves platforms and undiscovered fashionable gems. I love to turn a phrase, and in truth I'm a designer at werq.

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