Boutique Critique: Funky Lala

Boutique Critique: Funky Lala fashion

Walk down the streets of New York City and you’ll be sure to find a wide variety of stores that spark your interest. None however, will cater to you in the way that this particular boutique manages to wait on your hand and foot. Luxury is, of course, not the only thing that this boutique offers, they withhold an extensive list of hip designers. The boutique carries over seventy lines including Botkier, Geren Ford, Goldenbleu, Graham & Spencer, Lisa Stewart, Oktober, Olivia Harris, Rebecca Minkoff and Vivienne Westwood. And don’t think it stops there! boutique allows you to have the ultimate shopping experience; complete with snacks, cocktails, and access to their lounge, which is complete with music and a bar. Employees at can offer you two-day tailoring, styling services as well as Wii and X-box. Sounds like my kind of store!

: 422 East 9th st.


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