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Edited by on February 21 2008 at 10:30 PM


His look says “I’m a fat and useless tool.”


I cannot stress enough my complete dislike for the distasteful style of gossip blogger, Perez Hilton. I’ve tried long and hard to find some redeeming factors of Perez but I am just unable to find it. His blatant disregard for any sort of aesthetically sound apparel and continued exploitation of my pupils with his ultra violet hair has pushed me beyond the limit. It’s too late to turn back, cause this chico is getting bashed.

I really did try to like him. Honestly. I’ve met the portly computer monkey on more than one occassion, most recently a the MAC Trendspot at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week where the lard ass was blogging, wait for it, ABOUT FASHION!!! DO NOT THINK YOU CAN INVADE ON THE TERRITORY OF FASHION BLOGGERS PEREZ!!! We fashion bloggers are a very dedicated bunch of writers and most of us hold ourselves in respectable positions in which our opinions reach out to discerning readers. We don’t play etch-a-sketch with photos and pride ourselves on how idiotic we can look. Enough is enough Mr. Hilton. I refuse to endorse any fashion brand or beauty product that chooses to endorse the long lost love child of Rainbow Bright and Cheif Wiggums from the Simpsons.

If you have any love of fashion (or if you’re just looking to hate on someone) please join me on my fight against Perez Hilton’s foray into fashion. BOYCOTT ANY FASHION OR BEAUTY COMPANIES THAT ENDORSE THIS MANCHILD.

Perez, you can have the Britney’s and Winehouse’s of the world, just leave Kate Moss to us.

Story by Saynt

Fashion Indie's Big Poppa.