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Britney Spears May Start A Fashion Line, Sure Why Not!?

Britney Spears May Start A Fashion Line, Sure Why Not!? fashion

While looking at the new OK magazine at my local nail salon, I couldn’t help but read the article about Britney Spears. As you know Briitney Spears has rehabbed herself and is now a good mother, notice her children are wearing WHITE TUXES on the cover! I was quite taken by this question and answer.

Could you imagine yourself getting into fashion design?
If I had the right team around me, definitely. We’re looking into it, it could happen. Probably women’s clothes first and then go into children’s

Sure because it’s that easy. When you’re singing career isn’t so hot, and that second acting career didn’t go over so well, start designing clothes. I’m sure that’s how it worked for John Galliano. What would her clothing line be like? Slogan T’s of her songs? Tuxes for kids?

One thing at a time Brit Brit. One thing at a time.

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  • i am happy that she has rehab herself and become a better mom that takes care of her kids maybe that stage she was going throw was baby blues who knows
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